"Holy Spirit, think through me till your ideas are my ideas." ~Amy Carmichael

" Holy Spirit, think through me till your ideas are my ideas.”

~ Amy Carmichael

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Documenting the Extra-Ordinary Life

What each of us think of as ordinary or extraordinary is likely personal perspective. I believe 2014 is and will continue to be an extra-ordinary year, so I thought I should record the days in a journal. Not a "you must write what you did each day" kind of journal, but one I could do without pressure. Then, when the year is over, I could look back and see what the important things to me are and when I participated in them. 

Then, a few weeks ago I came across an art journaling project that is similar to what I had in mind, so I joined The Documented Life Project. You can learn about it by clicking on the link. I will not likely follow all the challenges, but joining an art journaling group of some kind is a great way to get started or motivated.

The first challenge is to incorporate your front door. Here is my page welcoming the new year with a photograph I embellished in photoshop. I decided to use some things in this journal I don't normally use: washi tape (border), stamp (key on left) and photographs (the door). It's a nice change for me and helps me keep the journal more spontaneous. 

The Documented Life is also a planner, but I'm not using a planner. Instead I'm using a grid journal given to me by a friend. So I am innovating the calendar part as I go. Here are the layouts for the calendar of January. It's definitely an "outside the box" sort of "planner". I took photos of each calendar page for January and then combined them in one photo below: 

Another challenge is to take a "Selfie" and include the photo in the journal. So here is a look:



  1. I wish you all the best for this year 2014. You're a great artist and a great person and that you can see through your drawings!!!.
    Kisses from Seville, Spain

  2. This is wonderful Valerie!! I look forward to seeing how your DLP unfolds!

  3. What kind of grid journal are you using, I really like that idea and want one. Love your work!

    1. This particular one is made by C.R. Gibson, Markings. I usually use a Moleskine journal in the same size, about 5" x 8", but I was given this one. So far it's working just fine.

    2. Thank you...can I ask one more question please. Are the pages thin, do you have any bleed through?

    3. Like the moleskine journal, there can be bleed through. Test first!

  4. Beautiful as usual! I'm a part of the Documented Life Project as well and I'm really enjoying stepping outside of my own art box with the prompts. I love your pages, I can't wait to see more!

  5. I love that your making it work for you, looks fantastic and colorful!!

  6. Your pages are gorgeous!

    (i'm also in DLP)


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